Doomstack Tier List | Total War Warhammer 2

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Jan 13, 2022 at 3:11 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Today we are making a best doomstacks tier list in warhammer 2 where I decide which doomstacks are worthy of S-tier and which are worth of F-tier using top-notch critical thinking.

We are going to be taking the warhammer 2 best units and breaking down what makes the the greatest and what makes them the worst then ranking them in our total war tier list accordingly. Although it is a doomstack tier list we don't just cover one type of unit. We cover the best infantry, the best cavalry, the best artillery and the best monsters that may do a little bit of everything. We weren't able to get to all the doomstacks either but we were able to get to the Steamtank doomstack, the necrofex colossus doomstack, the steamtank doomstack, the war mammoth doomstack, and the bloated corpses doomstack with some extra tweaks for fun. I may not be as good at these warhammer doomstacks as Okoii, but I did enjoy using all these doomstacks and almost all of them are good for something. Enjoy the video!

What you have just watched is just one of our many videos on youtube where we play various games and break them with perfectly "normal" strategies and exploits to gain things like infinite money to buy unlimited overpowered troops. If you had fun watching this then be sure to check out our playlists for more. Our style is similar to the spiffing brit, lets game it out, and martincitopants in parts. But usually we end up making meme videos that sometimes accidentally teach you useful tips and tricks. Thanks for checking out easy builds!

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