Over 37 minutes of Spoiler Free Starfield Gameplay.. (exploring)

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Sep 26, 2023 at 5:21 PM
Posted by Zedd
Blimey! "Starfield" has dropped, and after finally diving in—despite being miffed that Bethesda didn't fancy sending me a cheeky review code—I've found myself rather smitten. I may still be a tad salty about the code snub (perhaps my invite got lost in the Royal Mail?), but one can't hold a grudge when floating about in such a cosmic marvel. I've barely tickled the underbelly of what "Starfield" has to offer, yet it's shaping up to be precisely that promised "Skyrim in space" experience. It's like trading in your old horse and cart for a shiny new rocket... with cup holders.

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Well, butter my biscuit, if "Starfield" ain't the gaming equivalent of a deep-fried Mars bar—unexpected, over-the-top, and weirdly addictive! Straight outta Bethesda's kitchen, this space saga is what you'd get if "Star Wars" and "The Sims" had a baby and sent it to space camp. This open-world extravaganza lets you jet around the universe like it's a Saturday trip to Walmart, except instead of aisles of cereal, you've got galaxies to explore.

Their "Your-Verse" engine? Imagine Bob Ross painting happy little planets—you're the Bob Ross now, folks. And the crafting system is like an intergalactic episode of "MacGyver." You can pimp out your spaceship or even concoct a space-age version of Mountain Dew, probably.

The storyline's packed with as many twists and turns as a state fair pretzel. The NPCs? I swear they’re one software update away from running for Congress. With eye-popping graphics and a plot thicker than grandma's gravy, "Starfield" is your one-way ticket to a space rodeo of laughs, tears, and the eternal quest for the best space parking spot. Strap in, y'all—it's a wild ride!

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