Starfield Ultimate Beginner Guide – Starfield New Player Guide For 2024! (Starfield Tips And Tricks)

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Jan 23, 2024 at 3:40 PM
Posted by Zedd
In this Starfield beginner guide, I'll give you literally EVERYTHING! This video is a supercut of ALL of my Starfield guides and tips and tricks. I'll cover character creation tips, XP Buffs and how to make credits, Best skills to get, companion and crew members guide, crafting and resources guide, ship building guide, outpost building guide, advanced tips and tricks AND the best powers. Enjoy!

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00:00 - Starfield Ultimate Beginner Guide
00:00:22 - Character Creation Guide
00:09:28 - Things To Do First
00:17:43 - XP Buffs And Credits Guide
00:25:22 - Mistakes To Avoid
00:36:41 - Best Skills To Get
00:45:39 - Crew Members Guide
00:53:29 - Resource and Crafting Tips
01:01:38 - Ship Building Guide
01:22:13 - Outpost Guide
01:42:43 - Advanced Tips and Tricks
01:54:44 - Powers Guide
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