THE VAMPIRE COUNTS Battle Rework - Immortal Empires - Total War Warhammer 3

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Jul 22, 2022 at 11:16 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
THE VAMPIRE COUNTS rework for Immortal Empires and Total War Warhammer 3 is here, so let's focus on the major changes to Ethereal Units, legendary lords like Mannfred von Carstein, Vlad von Carstein, and Isabella von Carstein, stat changes, and healing overhauls that will change how the Vampire Counts approach combat against the Daemons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos.

Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires - Vampire Counts Battle Rework

Vampire Counts thumbnail art by KylePunkArt, you can check out his awesome work here! -

0:00 Vampire Counts overview
2:55 Ethereal Units
4:43 Healing and Regeneration
8:15 Playstyle with the new changes
9:30 Unit Roster and Stat changes
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