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Nov 10, 2022 at 4:18 PM
Posted by Zedd
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Welcome to another installment of the grim dark story horror, its still spooky month so were diving in to another classic piece of warhammer 40k horror stories. no space marines to be found here, just a crew who have become becalmed in space and forced to dock at the station of refuge, a station that hides a horrific statement! gather round my friends and lets dive into the story, " The Way Out". Since the story was presented as an audio drama, I have had to re word most of the story to make it fit into a youtube video format. I have tried to preserve as many of Rachel Harrison's descriptions as possible as her writing is phenomenal and riping with atmosphere! If you enjoy this video please support the original release by purchasing it on audible.

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Music Used.
Ghost Stories Incorporated. Owned and performed by Marc van der Meulen

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time stamps
0:00 Intro
0:57 Sponsored segment
2:15 Part 1. The Song Of The Warp
11:28 Part 2 Refuge
25:07 Part 3 A Call For Help
34:30 Part 4 The Thing In The Mirror
42:37 Part 5 The Core
48:43 Part 6 The Way Out
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