Favorite heart warming moments?

Discussion in 'Warhammer 40,000' started by serbog, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Let’s talk about your favorite heart warming moments in this galaxy full of grim dark. Moments that tugged the heart strings and gave you hope as daemons and Xenos surrounds the universe.

    Mine is still from Rynn’s World where, “Captain Cortez saves a mother and her kids, one of which is only a baby, from being murdered by Orks. Kantor is quite displeased at this, knowing that there are very few Crimson Fists left and they could not afford to take refugees along for the ride. However, he mentions they can tag along if they can keep up with the Astartes. Eventually the mother fatigues and falters, falling to her knees. The column of marines halt as their Chapter Master moves to the back, where the reader is led to believe that he is about to kill her given his wrist-mounted Storm Bolter is very, very close to her head. She pleads that her children were so heavy and she tried, and what does Kantor do? Let me stress that he did not want her in the first place. What does he do? He replies with, "You did well to bring them this far. It is time someone else carried you now." And then he picks her up in his arms, along with her kids, and rejoins his Battle-Brothers.”
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    No real heart-warming moments that I can remember. Plenty of sad ones though. I was very sad when Horus finally realized what he had done, at the end of Horus heresy, and begged for death.

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