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    Apart from Tekken, I enjoy playing Mortal Kombat which as a martial arts game that I believe ranks pretty damn close to the former. Like Tekken, it has great storyline and with every new release of the game, the graphics are better and so are the fighters. I have compiled a list of my favorite fighters in Mortal Kombat 11 ranked form the best:

    1. Johnny Cage: From previous releases of the game, Johnny Cage is a a fairly good fighter representing Earth realm. In Mortal Kombat 11 however, his skills are tremendously above average and he is a beast in the arena. In addition to physical prowess, he also uses magic to cause damage to his opponents. Despite his ruthlessness, his fatality in Mortal Kombat 11 is the jewel on his crown. He punches a hole in his opponents back and then rips their torso from their trunk. He then uses the severed torso to perform a ventriloquism using his fallen opponent;truly grotesque stuff.

    2. Liu Kang: Right from his looks, Liu Kang is a martial arts expert with an array of combo moves and lethal attacks. This is coupled with the fact that his magic is also on a completely different level. His fire is a weapon of mass destruction and he doesn't shy off from destroying his enemies using the vast flames. He delivers a series of kicks on his opponents each of which has a lot of destructive power.

    3. Jax Briggs: He is a very entertaining fighter. His flaming metallic fists apart, he is very serious when it comes to unleashing violence on his enemies and spares no one. An interesting power he has is his brutality where he decimates his opponents' heads completely.

    4. Subzero: I have always been a fan of the freezing power in hero movies and cartoons as well. That said, Subzero is an amazing fighter regardless of his freezing power. There is however no denying that his freezing power makes him even more lethal. He freezes his opponents mid-battle and takes the chance to decimate them slowly and precisely, effectively changing the flow of the match to his advantage. He also uses his ice power to make ice clones which confuse his opponents giving him a chance to appear behind them and attack.

    5. Raiden: He is an elder god, one of a group of deities in the Mortal Kombat universe and as such, his power is way above the other fighters. He is strong and agile and his weapon of choice is lightning. In a way he resembles Thor of the Marvel universe in that he wields lightning and uses it in battle to destroy his opponents. He spots a pretty amazing fatality where he slices up his opponents with a bolt of lighting,electrocutes their heads, severs their torsos from their trunks and then electrocutes their heads till they explode.

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