What are the five best things you love most about Total Wars: Three Kingdoms?

Discussion in 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' started by Kieranlewix, Oct 1, 2022.

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    Personally, I loved Total Wars. These are some of the things I loved about the game:
    1. In romance mode, the generals are really powerful and can battle an entire army alone.
    2. The quipy banter before and after the fights. I found it really funny.
    3. Characters can develop friendships and rivalries over time: Two generals who hate each other will not work together despite being both on your faction. The opposite is true as well as when you place friendly generals together they work well.
    4. The battles are interesting and challenging throughout the game though its a bit exhausting to be honest.
    5. The campaign design is brilliant and tells a cohesive historical story with unexpected turns of fortune.

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